Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

Athena HBC offers a comprehensive Human Relations Training Program and Executive Coaching (for individuals or groups) that focuses on developing productive work relationships.

As a result of my money back guarantee Human Relations Training, and Executive Coaching Program, you become powerful persuasive communicators that motivate and retain a team of influential communicators that foster successful relationships, therefore, increasing productivity, customer satisfaction, sales, and referrals. Are unprofessionalism, low morale, gossip, negativity, and conflicts common among your employees? Do these issues negatively impact productivity, performance, or effectiveness? Together we create an environment that cultivates and replaces conflict with teamwork, miscommunication with cooperation, competition with collaboration, and stress with work/life balance. People who work in an environment they love, with people they respect and whose company they truly enjoy, are inspired to take that business to the next level.

Are you ready to walk away with a personal development action plan that lay the foundation for successful long-term relationships? My solution-based program enhances leadership effectiveness to become persuasive leaders that cultivate and retains valuable high-performance engaged employees that meet and exceed a company’s strategic and operational goals. This allows you to grow a team whose long history together ensures they work like a well-oiled machine and relieves you of the need to invest precious time, money, and resources into training new employees. My unique holistic approach integrates my Human Relations Training, DiSC Online Behavioral Assessments, and Executive Coaching Partnered with Alternative Emotional Healing Therapy are designed to create sustainable change with my cutting-edge integrated practical easy to apply application. Who do you know is ready to set the stage for a successful working relationship that increases sales and employee retention?

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 Corporate Training Program                                                                       On-Line Assessments        

* The Art of Listening      * Team Building                                                     * DiSC Assessment

* Assertiveness Skills       * Problem Solving                                                 * Emotional Intelligence

* Body Language             * Conflict Management                                         * Motivators

* Leadership Skills           * Credit Repair & Debt Relief                              * 360 Behavioral Profile

Select the entire series, one, or multiple of the following modules:

Effective Communication

Improve your relationships

It sounds so simple: Say what you mean. But all too often, our communication gets “lost in translation,” despite our best intentions. We say one thing, the other person hears something else, and misunderstandings, frustration, and conflicts occur.

Start now! Learn how to effectively connect with others, build trust, earn respect, and be heard and understood. Athena’s workshop teaches you how to communicate more clearly and effectively.

DiSC Personality Online Assessment

Discover yourself and improve interaction with others

Your success depends largely on your self-awareness and self-mastery and your ability to deal with other people. Let Athena show you how to recognize your behavior patterns, capitalize on your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, and get the results you want from others.

Learn how to identify your individual personality style, engage the personality styles of others, and use that knowledge to more effectively manage your interactions with others – and still be yourself.

Transformational Leadership

Learn how to become a compelling leader

At AthenaHBC Leadership Development Training, you will learn how to become compelling leaders that cultivate and inspires loyalty, employee’s retention, and increase productivity. It will enable leaders to develop and retain valuable high-performance engaged employees that meet and or exceed a company’s strategic and operational goals.

These leadership skills will help leaders impact behavior change to influence and navigate their team through challenges and boost performance to capitalize on emerging opportunities and exceed their organization’s capabilities.

Emotional Intelligence

“The height of a man’s success is gauged by his self-mastery”

Emotional intelligence is made up of several essential soft skills: self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, and empathy. Organizations are finding EQ to be a good predictor of future job performance and leadership ability; it says a lot about your ability to work collaboratively, the depth of your communication skills, your leadership potential, and even how well you will be able to learn from your mistakes and lead your team.

You will learn how to build your EQ, so you can set yourself apart from the pack and rise to success in your career. EQ is a good measure of future success on the job.

Conflict Management

Reach for an effective solution in every conflict

In any situation involving more than one person, conflicts can arise. Unresolved conflicts break down trust and productivity, which is detrimental to a company. By learning the skills we need for successful conflict resolution, we can keep our personal and professional relationships strong.

Take this Athena HBC workshop to learn practical strategies for interpersonal conflict resolution in the workplace.

Team Building

“The difference between success and failure is a great team”

With Great teams can turn everyday adversities in the workplace into greatness and deliver breakthrough results. An efficient team harnesses the setbacks and challenges and converts it into power, innovation, and energy that fuel the team to success. This team-building training will teach you how to maximum team productivity by understanding how to capitalize on the strengths of each team member to navigate and align the team members around shared goals.

You will learn techniques and approaches for building and sustaining successful teams. You will develop skills that enhance communication and navigate team members so they can effectively communicate, plan, execute, and deliver.

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference
between lightning and the lightning bug.”
Mark Twain

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