Financial Roadmap

Build strong financial foundation for your business and personal life

Are you ready for a financial breakthrough?

Athena HBC offers a holistic approach to achieving your financial success by combining your mind, body, and spirit with the best tools and techniques to manage your finances.

We focus on the clarity of your financial goals, efficient ways to achieve them, and resolving any current obstacles.

Six steps in four sessions

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Session 1
What you can achieve and what is stopping you?

Business Goals Setting

Let’s start with assessing your current life and financial situation and set measurable goals, timelines and incentives.

General Evaluation

We employ a holistic approach right from the start. To facilitate changes, we must first know what is happening internally. We’ll discuss your strengths and weakness, assess nutrition and fitness, and perform a chemical imbalance test and personality profile. We‘ll lay the foundation for effective changes to your behavior patterns and tendencies.

Session 2
Overcome internal obstacles

Personal Transformation

Do you have disruptive financial behavior that must change? Do you have negative thought patterns that affect your finances? This session focuses on shifting and rejuvenating your mindset. We’ll incorporate hobbies, time out, and play to create a harmonious and fulfilling life.

You will also learn karmic healing, spiritual practices, and how to deal with emotional trauma. We’ll do exercises in love and forgiveness as well as affirmations and visualization, and we’ll close by practicing chants and meditations.

Session 3
Manage your finances

Credit Management

If your credit needs repair, we’ll get to that right away. We’ll lay out the strategies that can minimize your debt, improve your scores, and achieve good long-term credit.

Funding Sources

We cover all possible funding sources, including traditional loans, online crowdsourcing, grants, and government programs.

Session 4
Run a financially strong business

Budget Planning

We dive into your business and personal budgets, salary projections, and breakeven analysis. We cover actual and projected income and expenses, profit and loss statements, and sales forecasts. We also set up a recordkeeping system that’s tailored to your business – complete with templates for personal and business financial management.

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”
Henry David Thoreau